1.  A word to the reader


2.  Life sketch of Hazrat Yahya Pasha Qibla.


3.  Visiting Graveyard.


4.  Respecting the Graves.


5.  Listening of the dead.


6.  To Seek Help.


7.  Worship.


8.  Holy Saints.


9.  Interpretation of Iyyaka nabudu wa iyyaka nastayeen.


10.Direct and Strange.


11.Trust (Tawakkal)


12.Prostrations and its types.


13.Nida (To Call out)


14.Beseeching Help.


15.Knowledge of the Invisible.


16.Life sketches of eminent scholars of  Ahadith.


17.Kinds of Ahadith.


18.Oblations and Entreaties.


19.Sadaqah (Alms-sacrifice)