Rasheed: It is my pleasure to have met you today. I accept my mistake. After your explanations it came to my notice that there was a veil on my eyes and now it has been removed.


Now, please explain me about touching or kissing hands and feet or graves and relics of holy Saints. Can you prove this from Ahadith or from the acts of Companions?


Hameed: Taqbeel is of three types:

1.   Taqbeel-e-Shahwat

2.   Taqbeel-e-Mohabbat

3.   Taqbeel-e-Tazeem


Taqbeel-e-Shahwat does not come under our text of discussion.


Taqbeel-e-Mohabbat-it is commonly practiced in Arab countries that they kiss the hand, shoulders and forehead of their friend. In Prophet's (SAW) time this was commonly practiced and His Holyness has also practiced it. Hazrath Ayesha R.A reported that once Prophet SAW was present in her house and the door was closed. Hazrath Zaid bin Haris came and knocked the door, then Prophet SAW went out, embraced and kissed him (Mishkat Shareef, Tirmidhi).


Second report is from a Companion R.A: Whenever Prophet SAW met Jafar-bin-Abu Talib (cousin of Prophet SAW), he used to kiss him in between his eyes. This hadith is quoted by Abu Dawood, Baihaqi in Shob-ul-Imaan (Mishkaat Shareef).


Taqbeel-e-Tazeem: to kiss some one in reverence. This is also proved from Prophet SAW and from the actions of the Companions. And so it is clear that this does not come under worship.


In relation to sitting near and kissing the grave of Prophet SAW I have already mentioned in the topic of seeking help.


Hazrath Abu Ayyub Ansari R.A, a great Companion of the Prophet SAW, replies Marwaan (Caliph of the time) on his objection, “We have come near Prophet SAW and not near a stone or a soil.” Marwaan stood in astonishment.


One more report by Hazrath Allama Maulana Mohammed Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui (author of Tafseer-e-Siddiqui) quoted in his book ‘Ad Deen’ a collection of Ahadith.










Hazrath Ibne Omar (R.A), a great Companion of Prophet SAW, spread his hands on the pulpit of Prophet SAW (where from Prophet SAW used to deliver his sermons) and rubbed on his face. This Hadith also proves the importance of holy relics (Asaar-e-Shareef) and that bowing or kissing the graves of holy Saints is not against the commandments of Sharia but in fact virtuous.


Now, I will quote a few Ahadith in relation to kissing hands and feet, which will satisfy you.












Waze bin Amir (R.A) reported that whenever Prophet SAW came in front of us we kissed his hands and feet. (reported by Bukhari, Al-Adabul mufrad)










Sohaib R.A reported that he saw Hazrath Ali R.A kissing the hands and feet of Hazrat Abbas R.A, paternal uncle of Prophet SAW. (reported by Bukhari, Al-Adabul mufrad)












Zara reported that: “when we reached Medina-e-Munawwara in our carriages, we tried among ourselves to reach as early as possible to Prophet SAW so as to touch and kiss hands and feet.” (Mishkat Shareef)


With respect to this Hadith Imam Nawawi Rh says: “to kiss someone with  regard to his piety and abstinence, wisdom and age, religious work” is permissible and a virtuous thing.