Nida (To Call out)




Rasheed: Brother! People asking for help from Saints at the time of difficulty like: “Ya Rasool Allah”, “Ya Ali”, “Ya Ghosue Azam” these various call outs for help, do you think are permitted? Even though when we know that Allah is omnipresent & omnipotent. Saints are miles and miles away from the callers and even if they are alive in the graves to call out for help to the invisibles, is definitely infidelity and polytheism.



Hameed: While performing Salaat why do you call As-Salamu Alaika Ayyuhan Nabiyyu  in ‘tashahhud’. where as Rasool Allah’s SAW grave is thousand of miles away. Now you tell me where the Prophet SAW is who is been addressed as Ayyuhan in ‘tashahhud’? These wordings in ‘tashahhud’ are formulated by Prophet SAW centuries back, and Salaat is considered complete and without any error.  In ‘kanzul Daqayaq’ it is written that all worshipers are unveiled on Prophet SAW while performing Salaat. In fact it should be thought that Prophet SAW is very much present when the Salaat is being performed. Great Scholars of Islam has said that, When you recite ‘As-Salamu Alaika Ayyuhan Nabiyu’  in ‘tashahhud’ imagine Prophet SAW, in fact imagination of the person will instantly come to your mind when you call  his/her name.



It was Hazrath Ayesha Siddiqua R.A. and  Ibne Omar R.A. and others` practice  that whenever they enter Mosque of the Holy Prophet, they used to call As-Salamu Alaika Ayyuhan Nabiyyu wa rahmathullahi wabarkatuhu and the same is followed in Imam  Malik's school of thought.