Beseeching Help


Rasheed: How seeking help from holy Saints can be permissible?


Hameed: I will report an incident from the time of  Prophet’s SAW  in Madina where there was a dispute between two tribes Banu Qaza and Banu Bakar. During the Treaty of Hudaibiya when Prophet SAW made an agreement with the infidels of Quraish Banu Qaza join the Prophet Mohammed SAW's camp and Banu Bakar were allied with the infidels and in this way there was peace between the two tribes for sometime.Sudddenly, one night Banu Bakar attacked Banu Qaza. Banu Qaza called out" Ya Mohammed "(Help us). At that time Banu Qaza were in Mecca and Prophet Mohammed SAW was in Medina Tayyiba. Our holy Prophet SAW answered the call for help “Labbayk” (I have come for your help) and thus  Banu Qaza succeeded & overcome on there enemies. Now think on your own how far is Medina from Mecca and how Prophet SAW had answered their call from such a long distance.


Similarly one more incident: Once Hazrat Omar R.A was addressing Friday sermon from a pulpit. During the sermon he called“O Saria! Look at the mountain” (“Ya Saria AlJabal”). Listening to these strange words during the sermon the audiance were astonished. At that time Hazrat Omar R.A had sent his army to wage a war against infidels in the command of Hazrat Saria R.A to Nahawand (a part of Iran). Syedna Omar’s R.A voice reached the troop and the troop had turned towards the direction of the mountain  and became victorious. Now the points to ponder are how Syedna Omar R.A knew about the proceedings in the Nahawand (Iran) while he was in Medina addressing from his pulpit? How does his voice reached Iran?


The information I quoted above can be found in The books of history interested people can look for it.


Second proof: Once a blind man came to Prophet SAW and pleaded: “Please Rasool Allah pray for my eyesight”. Rasool Allah SAW said: “if you want me I will pray but it is better to tolerate it”. The blind man said: “No please pray for me”. Then Prophet SAW asked him to perform ablution and read this supplication”. Tirmidhi recorded these words as follow has, Allah I beg & I seek your blessing by the mediation of your prophet SAW who is the prophet of mercy, 'O' mohammad SAW I seek your mediation towards my lord for fullfilment of my need 'O' Allah accept his intercession in my case for he (the Prophet) has a special respect & regard near you. .











Later Rasool Allah SAW said: “whenever you are in need you should read this prayer.” The blind man obeyed and prayed accordingly, taking our holy Prophet’s mediation and regained his eyesight. In some Ahadith before this supplication two ‘Rakats’ Salaat to be performed is advised. In ‘Hissne-Haseen’ it is written that who ever is in need should perform ablution and Salaat and read out this supplication.




Imam Baihaqi reported from Ibne-Abi Shaiba that the chain of this tradition is through Malik Addar, ( who was treasurer of the caliphs Omer RA period) sahih (true).


Third proof: Whenever the Companions’ legs used to be numbed they used to call out “Ya Moahmmed” and immediately their legs become numbless. When any of the Companions forgotten it the other would remind him to call out the same.


Even at the time of war the Companions used to call out “Ya Mohammed” and they returned victorious. The thing which was so common and practiced by all Companions, how can the same become forbidden for the common man. But in fact it is regarded as commendable.