Trust (Tawakkul)





Allah SWT says in the holy Quran “Wa mayyatawakkal al Allah fahuwa hasbu” which means “for those who have trust on Allah, Allah SWT is enough for them.”


These are God’s words but only special devotees of God have full trust in God and if you consider general public like them, is not correct.. A peasant came to Prophet SAW and said: “O Allah’s messenger SAW I left my camel outside trusting in god, Rasool Allah SAW enquired: “Did you fastened the camel’s legs?” Peasant replied: “No.” Rasool Allah SAW ordered: “Tighten the legs of the Camel and then trust the Almighty.” Why did the holy Prophet SAW urged to fastened the legs? Without fastening, if he would have trusted Allah SWT would this then not be better? This was commanded by the holy Prophet SAW because not all the people are alike. So commandments also change from person to person.every person should take precautionery majors & that means then he can leave it to Allah.


Listen to one more incidence keeping trust of God in mind. To a Companion Rasool Allah SAW said: “if you are riding a horse and your whip falls down do not ask anybody for it, but instead of asking from others you should come down and take your whip.” This saying enlightens the following points - a proverbial saying in Arabic “Al Ahsaan yaqta Al Lisan.” Means ‘indebtedness makes you dumb (cuts your tongue)’. We are so indebted to the person that we cannot say a word even if he ignores commandments of Allah SWT and Prophet (PBUH).


Allah SWT says in holy Quran:



Translation: “Order people for good deeds and stop them from doing evil“.


So what does Allah SWT order for and what meaning is been taken from it?


Anyways the purpose of my discussion is that never co-relate things which are specially mentioned for Saints with general public or vice-versa.