Direct and Strange




One who considers that the holy saints are our direct mediators and listeners and Allah is the only powerful. His approach will make him a worshipper or a true devotee of Allah SWT. The others who consider holy Saints as strange that is to plead through them is not pleading Allah SWT - this approach of his will make him sink into infidelity.


As the holy Prophet SAW said: “Allah SWT gives and I distribute.” (Bukhari, Chapter Ilm)


The giver is the Allah SWT alone, Prophet SAW  receives it and distributes among the true devotees of Allah SWT (Saints) and we get it from the holy Saints.


Similarly like in ‘Sami ul Baseer’ Allah the Almighty, the most Powerful - these attributes belong to Allah SWT alone and whatever we see in this world (the different miracles and parables) are nothing but Allah’s SWT gifts to Prophets and Saints.