Kinds of Ahadith



Ahadith are of various kinds:


1.   Sahih - it includes Sahih Li-zatihi and Sahih Li-ghairihi


2.   Hasan - it includes Hasan Li-zatihi and Hasan Li-ghairihi


3.   Muttasil


4.   Munqateh


5.   Mursal


6.   Munfasal


7.   Mudallas


8.   Mudhtarab


9.   Zaeef


To write all the various kinds of Ahadith will be lengthy and to understand it requires some basic knowledge. When to know the kinds of Ahadith is so difficult then what to say about learning remembering their definitions.


After the transmigration of the holy Prophet SAW the companions and their successors migrated to different places like Hijaz, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Basra, Kufa, Asfahan, etc. thus collecting of hadiths from different places became very difficult. It was easy to collect Hadiths from those who were near, but to collect Hadiths from those who were far required long journeys. Thus people like Imam Bukhari and other compilers of hadiths went on long journeys and reported Ahadiths from them. That’s why apart from ‘Sehah Sitta’ (six authentic books of Hadiths) even the other compilation  of Ahadiths are considered as true, and therefore big theologians quote these Ahadiths in their books.