Holy Saints


Rasheed: How can we know that a particular person is a Saint or a Friend of Allah?


Hameed: The author of ‘Ahsan-ul-Tafaseer’ in interpreting ‘Ala inna auliya Allah’ refer Imam Ahmad’s ‘Musnad’ and Imam Abu Dawood’s ‘Sunan’ in quoting Hadith reported by Hazrath Abdullah bin Abbas (R.A) and Abu Malik Ashari (R.A) whose outcome is that prophet SAW regarding signs of Saints said: “Whenever you look at them you start remembering Allah SWT.”


Abu Huraira (R.A) reports that signs of Saints include: “Apart from obligatory prayers they perform supplementary prayers as well” (Bukhari).


The holy Saints as reported by Hazrath Ibne Omar (R.A) have no love or affection for money, name, fame or relatives but for Allah SWT. On the day of judgement when others are fearful they are fearless and happy. Allah SWT rewards them and make them sit on the chair of celestial light.


When a doctor comes to your place from some other country we are unaware of him and have no idea regarding his degrees or his practice but when people are benefited from his practice they recommend him to others and hence his reputation becomes his success. Similarly, saints are being appreciated, approbated, admired and esteemed in all the four corners of the world for their abstinence, piety and devotion. We find people coming to them for all causes and cures. This indicates why people around the globe look out for them in their times of need? Because, no doubt, they are friends of Allah SWT.


Rasheed: I am still not satisfied with your interpretation of the verses presented earlier.


Hameed: From the times of holy Prophet SAW to the Companions to Tabayeen and to Tabe-Tabayeen there are incidences found which are against your way of thinking of the verses mentioned above and make us come to the conclusion that they are in fact revealed for infidels and idols. Applying the same principles to others is unsatisfactory.


Whatever is stated in the holy Quran is true. Anybody not believing or not having faith in Quranic verses is a non-muslim. Whatever we see or find in the universe belongs to Allah SWT and He alone is the Creator and the Preserver. None is His partner and none is equal to Him.









"Fourth Kalim"


This Kalima is believed by all true believers but infidels believe in polytheism. They believe that there are separate Gods for life,death,food,rainfall,etc. They assume that angels are God’s daughters, but Quran denies them. They deceive people saying that those angels will recommend them in the other world.


Transliteration:  Haulai shufa 'auna inda Allah.


They are our mediators & interceptors near Allah and so we worship them. The holy Quran condemns this falsehood.


Rasheed: That means to visit the graves of Saints and to consider that they can see , listen and can help in the times of need is permitted?


Hameed: I will answer all your other queries later Insha‘Allah. But I would like to advice you that think only by keeping things in their own place. If you mix them with other things, it will create chaos for you and for all.