حضرت خواجہ محبوب اللہ

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Hyderabad, India:


HAZRAT KHAJA MAHBOOBULLAH is not only known as a great Sufi saint but a versatile genius, a great scholar, a great preacher, educationist, moralist, the reviver of sunnah, an indwelling reformer, a prominent poet, a theologian, and possessed of very high and perfect spiritual knowledge. This website is a humble attempt to highlight not only the valuable and noteworthy spiritual and literal contribution of this elevated personality but also of his family. This website deals with educational, spiritual and literary creation of every star of this constellation. Every one has enlivened the essence of his work with prosody and rhetoric wealth from his own part and influenced his contemporary epoch

HAZRAT KHAJA MAHBOOBULLAH was born on 29th shaban 1263 Hijri in Qazipura, a locality in the old city of Hyderabad near historic charminar. As he opened his eyes in an Islamic milieu and was brought up as a great sufi scholar, he had the incumbency of inculcating the quranic dogmas and tenets among his family members and followers and his tenor was a guide line to them. More over, he led them practically for their spiritual evolution and taught them the ethical and moral values and emphasized to perform the duties of their own sincerely and honestly irrespective of the walk of life they belong to.

HAZRAT KHAJA MAHBOOBULLAH�S full name was Syed Mohammed Siddiq Ali Hussaini Alias Khaja Miya. His poetical name was Khulq. Mahboobullah was the name given to him by the Almighty Creator through kashf (spiritually).

It is written in guldasta-e-tajaliyat, the biography of HAZRAT KHAJA MAHBOOBULLAH written by his Grand son Hazrat Syed Mohiddin Hussaini, that the first forefather of HAZRAT KHAJA MAHBOOBULLAH was Hazrat Syed Mohiuddin Who migrated from Baghdad to India and settled in Burhanpur, in the period of moghal monarch Aurangzeb. The first three generations lived in Burhanpur but the fourth Hazrat Hyder Ali Hussaini, the grand father of HAZRAT KHAJA MAHBOOBULLAH, a distinct scholar of Arabic and Persian and well known for his piousness, was invited to Hyderabad by Nizam-ul-Mulk, the founder of Nizam dynasty. Hazrat Hyder Ali was honored by the title of SIYADAT PANAH. His son Hazrat Parwarish Ali Hussaini (shah), the father of HAZRAT KHAJA MAHBOOBULLAH was a bright star on the firmament of education and was recognized for his literal and scholastic activities and had been quenching the thirst of education lovers by his pen and sermons. He was honored by the title of RIFAT PANAH.

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حضرت سید محمد احمد علی حسینی

حضرت سید محمد محمودعلی حسینی

حضرت سید محمد عمرعلی حسینی


حضرت سیدہ انور بیگم

صا حبزادگان

حضرت سید محمد عثمان حسینی

حضرت سید محمد یحییٰ حسینی

حضرت سید محمد باقر حسینی

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